Company Setup and Administration Services

If you decide to establish your business in Japan but are not familiar with Japanese company law, how do you make it happen? We have helped many clients set up their branches, offices, or even companies.

Before actually setting up a Japanese entity, we guide our clients through the various pros and cons of each business entity in terms of cost, legal requirements, taxes, and so on. Once they decide what kind of company they wish to establish, we take care of the rest: we prepare the required documents and make a company seal in order for the company to be registered at the Legal Affairs Bureau.

Different legal requirements need to be fulfilled for each business entity so that it can maintain its legal status under Japanese company law. We provide the services our clients need in order to ensure that they can continue operating in Japan for as long as they wish.

Our specialized company setup and administration services

  • Setting up branches/offices/companies
  • Registration with the Legal Affairs Bureau
  • Drafting company rules in compliance with the Corporation Law
  • Drafting employment regulations in compliance with the Labor Standards Act
  • Notification to Japanese tax authorities
  • Updating the registration of the board of directors